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My mother had very bad things to say about the New Look Inspire range so we made this video to prove her wrong…

Words eaten I’m sure!!

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LOVEloveLOVE these Easter video’s I worked on for New Look…

No furry friends were harmed in the making of this video (cuddled a lot though!!!) It was so much fun on set and big love to a animal handler!!

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My obsession for Freja isn’t going away…

Sooo good to see her & Arizona fronting the Chloe campaign P O W E R FU L

But don’t worry it isn’t all pretty girls and bed head hair. I have another, more well-groomed obsession…

Oliver Woods is not only a major hair stylist but a consultant at the Robbie Williams face-of brand, Farrer. Check his bad ass self on this mini vid

Maybe I just love all these linear tatts going on!!! His style is giving me a menswear orgasm as we speak (too much information?!)

Ok, so one last addition to the obsession list… It is still him… Purely for his jawline… Itsss MILTON!!

And here is one of my fave tracks from the film – IT IS JUST TOO GOOD!!!

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I feel like I’ve skipped AW 12 as I am now looking at Spring Summer again for 2013. What are you feeling for next summer? I have an amalgamation of a trailer trash repressed American youth with TLC blaring in the background and Lux (Virgin Suicides) chirping in a satirical narration. Bundle all that up into one of Branson’s spaceships amidst the Nevada Desert and there you have it – A very quick look at Spring Summer 13 SJM Style!!!

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I’ve been a busy bee lately with New Look and other things. I am loving the fact we are shooting for Summer now – BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!! & I thought I might let you in with a sneak peak of what will be coming soon…

Me and the lovely Beth shot a fashion story last week for Disorder Magazine. Inspired by Larry Clark’s film ‘KIDS’ we had so much fun with an awesome team. If you haven’t seen the film then get it on the must see list as this is one for any fashion fruit loop. Here is one of the images from the shoot…

Look out for this story in the April/ May issue out soon!!

You might not be thinking about it yet but WE ARE!!! Easter is just around the corner and we shot our extremely cute easter video’s for New Look last week. If you don’t squeal at this then there is something wrong with you, obvs…

My beaut matey Nova asked me to get involved on a new Hoxton Boutique venture at the weekend. A T-shirt range called HOBO will be launched by the iconic store very soon and I worked on the fashion film to go with it. The super cute tee’s are so MAJOR for summer!! I will post the finished thing a-sap.

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Have you seen my new Tumblr???….. EEERRRMMM WHY NOT?!?!!! A snapshot of my deranged mind here


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The public voted for Azra Dedic as their New Look Style Star. Watch the viddy and check the bubbly at the end…

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Think its about time I posted about my LA adventure with New Look…

Had so much fun with the team on this trip but didn’t manage to steal a tan. Oh well I think you’ll agree the shots look MAJOR

Photographer Rhys Frampton
Film by Daniel Burdett & Andy Picton
Make Up Adam De Cruz
Hair Kenna
Stylist Jo Philips
Stylists Assistant ME OF COURSE

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Katie Eary showcased a dark and fantasical collection at London’s AW12 Fashion week. In the beautiful setting of The Town Hall Hotel courtroom, Elite models showcased the best of Eary’s androgynous style. A grunge punk collection encompassed by all things feather and fur this really was one of my favourites to come out of the talented designer – ‘bloody good body on her too!’.
I had the opportunity to assist on this show which was suprisingly calm and well organised with an amazing team!

You can totes see me faffing in the corner!

Stylist – Way Perry
Models – All Elite
Make Up – Adam De Cruz
Hair – Gow Tanaka
Prosthetics – Isamaya Ffrench, Bea Sweet, George Chislett
Photos via Brett Lloyd. View more here

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HAHAHAHA My friend just sent me this link…

Totes just made me want my blonde back!

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