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When studying a fashion course in the North, you are constantly told that the London courses are rubbish, self taught, money orientated and that the students can’t sew to save their lives. However looking at the LCF MA offerings for 2010 you quickly realise that this sort of dribble is just the tutors trying to convince themselves, more than anyone that they are not disappointed to be working in the North.

The menswear this year is especially amazing..I mean WOW! Sven Hoppe has set the standard for all up and coming menswear designers and its safe to say I’M SCARED!

The elegant twist on tailoring freshens up what could of been just another suit. Lacking in a lapel, the tonal piecing makes this suiting everything I want to see in menswear – Its not surprising that he won student of the year!

And the model scout also deserves a medal – well picked!

Now back to my collection…do I dare carry on with competition like this? …. Yea!!! I’m a sucker for punishment, evidently!

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