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I have been getting pure filthy with the Way Perry team lately, assisting on editorials for Candy Magazine (dreamz realised) & Hunger (Rankin’s a cool kid). Here is a little sneak preview from both.

Candy Magazine shot by Leon Mark

Hair Meggie Cousland

Makeup Philippe

Hunger Magazine shot by RANKIN

Make Up Adam De Cruz

Both styled by Way Perry






Loving the 90s vibes channelled by Leon Mark. He shot everything on Polaroid and it looks    A-MAZING!!! Rankins Hunger shoot took Inspiration from the film California Man – The styling is right up my street!!

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Think its about time I posted about my LA adventure with New Look…

Had so much fun with the team on this trip but didn’t manage to steal a tan. Oh well I think you’ll agree the shots look MAJOR

Photographer Rhys Frampton
Film by Daniel Burdett & Andy Picton
Make Up Adam De Cruz
Hair Kenna
Stylist Jo Philips
Stylists Assistant ME OF COURSE

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I had the pleasure of joining the styling team for the Xfactor final week.

Had the MOST fun!!! Big love to the whole team!!

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So if you have been hiding under a rock or travelling the himilayas to find a new species of cockroach then first of all ‘what the hell?!?’ and secondly you have missed the extremely fashion concious show…

Jam packed with stylist wannabe’s, retro fashion kings and a weekly dose of Nick Grimshaw it was an instant hit with the bloggers. One might say it was Grimmylicious – yes, I actually did just say that! You could say I am slightly biased though, as it was my mug that was actually on the show… Keeping it real for the Jazzy Jeff fanclub

Big up yaself

If I could relate the experience to anything, I’d like to think of myself as the Harry Potter of the fashion world. Battling my way through challenges with a pair of scissors as my wand, Kat Byrne as my Dumbledore and my scar burning ever so bright. I completely lied about the latter but everyone loves a bit of drama!

The likeness between me and Harry go on and on; our love for the colour ginger, the uncomfortable way we make the audience feels when we kiss a screen partner… oh wait.

Its safe to say that my new boss is no Voldemort though… well….

Baaaaad photo!!

I am now living in the world of New Look, where everything is pretty but the only link I have to wizards is dreaming of flying broomsticks on my sweat inducing tube commute. I’ve only been here 3 weeks and already I’m LOVING it!!

Welcome to London… Welcome to the next chapter. Things just got interesting again!

‘Oh Sara you’re so funny’ ‘Stop it, you are’ ‘No you are’

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