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My new found idol, Hatchet face has got some serious game bagging a beauty like Milton…

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I absolutely love Siv… she never fails to impress, and this is no exception.

Her landmark move back to her home country of Norway did far from cause a demise in creativity. Taking a break from collections, Siv is able to channel her brilliance into side projects. I personally love her side projects more than her catwalk’s… from her ‘Three coats’ film with Show studio to her global ‘Cover up’ project.

This new film, in collaboration with Alexey Layfurov, is for the White T-shirt exhibition in LA raising money for Designers Against Aids.

Keep posted for film!!!

Sat here in a freezing room, surrounded by the concrete landscape of northern England, I can only dream of sitting under the ‘T-shirt tent’ looking out at that landscape!!

The casting in this is perfect. It seems a strange mix of boys yet they sit perfectly together, travelling from city scape’s to country with such ease. The short film manages to have me thinking about the dynamics of the group and the relationships between them.


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Well 2009 was going to be a comeback year from nostalgia heaven with Blur and Michael Jackson on the bill. The chance of seeing my all time favourite was ripped from me by prescription drugs and the band it was cool to love opted to play Manchester, Glastonbury and Goldsmiths BEFORE their comeback gig….not much of a comeback year in the end. All is well though after the slightly older, slightly chubbier Blur delivered an energetic two hour gig in Hyde Park.

I was a bit dubious on how 2 gigs at Hyde Park were going to work but when we got there it was like a festival. Outdoor gigs are always a bit special, with the sun setting, birds tweeting and the annoyance of smokers being allowed to smoke!! I know Blur were amazing in their day but I was fairly surprised they managed to fill that space, it was crammed, and to do it twice…quite an achievement.


The support was a bit of a mixed bag with a hypnotic jazz band starting us off, followed by a Smiths inspired Golden Silvers. Crystal Castles were wasted on the true Blur fans that were kicking well into their middle age now. Their fashion sense really gave the atmosphere a bump it needed, with Alice donning a tight fitting T shirt bearing the slogan ‘OASIS HAVE AIDS’. Good to see the Canadians getting into the Britpop spirit, even if it is a bit late!

Crystal Castles

There was a lot of speculation as to who would be the 4th support…it was going to be either ‘Friendly Fires’ or ‘Foals’. Unfortunately we were dealt with the short straw. ‘Foals’ robotic set and generic look left us more interested in our Pimms and red wine we had snook in…


I suppose I better mention something about Blur’s set at some point, and it was EPIC!!! After a few hours debating what they would start with, what they would end with and everything inbetween, I was very happy to hear ‘SHE’S SO HIGH’ kick starting the nostalgic journey back to my childhood.

A Fred Perry deal was evident with Damon, Dave, the sound guy, and some backing singers all well dressed in the iconic black polo with yellow tipping. The whole band had reverted back to their 90’s indie style, including a camp Alex, after a few years away from the music biz drinking breast milk and whatnot.

All the favourites were revisited with Damon dedicating ‘BEETLEBUM’ to the sun, an extra long rendition of ‘TENDER’ and a crowd pleasing Paul Daniels running bow legged up and down the stage for ‘PARKLIFE’. There was slight panic in my mind early in the set with Damon struggling to hit the vocals, but he quickly brought it back with an atmospheric ‘OUT OF TIME’.

Big Screen shot!!

Big Screen shot!!

A cold had rendered me useless for the day, so stupid me decided I would probably be chilling out at the side and wouldn’t need proper shoes on. Of course, as soon as the music started my cold miraculously disappeared and I wanted to get straight in the pit. Not a great idea when wearing slip on pumps!! During ‘SUNDAY’ was a particularly scary situation as Damon didn’t explain himself very well, ” When I start running, I want you to run this way (towards him) and don’t stop till I stop” Oh bollocks, I thought this is it…I’m going to die in a Blur stampede! Thankfully, Blur fans did me proud as a smarter fan than usual and we ran on the spot – close shave!

The well deserving fans were rewarded with 2 encores. The first being a homage to 20th Century indie rock, fully equipped with signature high kicks, heavy guitar riffs, and the biggest mosh pit I have ever seen for ‘SONG 2’. The second being a reminiscent sing along, ending on a beautiful, ‘THE UNIVERSAL’.


I was upset to see there was no electricity between Damon and Graham at all. I can only hope this hasn’t been lost forever and it will grow with time, because from what we witnessed at Hyde Park Blur will be around for another good run in our charts….Thank God!!!


Ask anyone and they will tell you I hate gigs that don’t involve a mosh pit with some sweaty, skinny, indie boy rubbing up friction burns on my arms….but Girls Aloud had me dancing and screaming like a 12 year old!!
Their costumes were something to be marvelled at, which topped off a brilliant stage show. Maybe their singing didn’t compare to a gospel Beyonce but who cares when the gay man in you is dancing like your on a flashing dancefloor!

Girls Aloud


Nick from Academy films directed the advert with Giovanni Muscat as the main boy.
I assisted the stylist Nova on this advert.

Such a shame its so short…there was a lot of good shots that were edited out. It was quite an experience working to the demands of a corporate business.

Look out for the next one!!


Well back at Uni has been dramatic as usual!! All this talk of womenswear getting an extension but not menswear…because their tutor is abroad. Even though our tutor is completely incompetent!!!

Well  I sort this one out (with no back up from the other students) and get started on pleating my fabric….complete nightmare!!! My fabric won’t take to my £60 fusable wadding… I’m feeling rather less confident about the whole thing.

On the subject of smocking, I am loving Michelle Lowe Holders new collection, she’s really pulled it together with this one. Really glad I had chance to catch up with her last week for the latest Cleveland Works gossip!

Started helping my 4th year this week and it turns out he has none of his collection made up – We have 1 week to make 4 outfits…I mean how is he sleeping at nights? We’ll see on the 13th (final year deadline).

Amaaazing news…My friend Harald Lunde Helgesen won the Swarovski prize in the Festival D’hyeres! Fifteen thousand euro’s to kick start his own label. If anyone is wanting to do their own label after Uni then I really recommend they enter this competition. Its judged by the likes of Kris van Assche , Nan Goldin…and previous winners include .. Viktor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich, Anke Loh, Alexandre Matthieu,  Ute Ploier,  Henrik Vibskov,  Romain Kremer…more recently, the exciting knitwear designer, Sandra Backlund.

Anyway check out the site and get entering for 2010


He is just a league above anything here in Newcastle….also, check out Marite Mastina et Rolands Peterkops


Latvians finest, Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops won both the Festival’s Grand Jury Prize and the 1.2.3 award for their collection “Private detective,” …The wigs were very Charlie Le Mindu esque!


Last day on the placement and I’m sooo gutted!! Its been a brilliant placement and I wish I was carrying on my career from here, but I do need to get a degree, and I’m a little bit excited about doing my collection.

Things have slowed down a lot this week, the Grazia/ Le Roux shoot was canceled and the 2nd Vodafone ad I’ve been working on is having some casting problems. So I’m having a chilled end to my easter holidays.

Just checking out Georgia Hardinge’s collection before hitting the pub…I really like it, it links in with mine with the use of old school structural textiles – NICE

Anyway bring on Men’s fashion week, I hope I get to go…I am sooo psyched for it now!

Peace out




I guess I should tell you a bit about myself and why I am doing this blog…

I am a fashion student at Northumbria specializing in Menswear. I graduate in 2010 and have just come back to Uni after a placement year.  Because I loved doing placements so much, I am doing another one during my easter holidays. So this blog is for anyone interested in doing fashion at uni/ worried about doing a placement/ or just fancy passing some time (facebook can get so boring after watching it for 3 hrs)

So this is my 7th placement to date and its with Nova Dando…she’s pretty much a jack of trades in fashion – womenswear line/ styling/ music videos/ adverts etc…. Awesome!

So if you are thinking of doing a placement…..DO IT!