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“If I died tomorrow and had a choice to be reincarnated, I would come back as this shoe. Elegantly beautiful, it shows strength within its androgynous design and gives support to those who need it most (the wearer). This shoe is everything I aspire to be”

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Have you heard of Maggie Semple??…. Well you need to get to know her. What an extraordinary woman and story to tell.

I had the pleasure of meeting the MEGA Maggie Semple Limited team recently and I can assure you they are a fash pack of wild beauts. I will always have maje love for anyone who keeps me topped up with a brew whilst I bore them with my life story. You can see the fashion story they ran on me here

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Kelly Brook radiating out of the crowd…

I bumped into a friendly face, Charlene from STN along the way

Jaime Winstone and Roses Gabor looking fresh in Monotone


Me and the lovely Lara from Closer magazine

Emili Sandes performing at the Espirit party and Dani puckering up… OOoooeeeRrrr

The Zlist studded crown at Vauxhall fashion scout…

– Diana Vickers, Made In Chelsea crew and Zara Martin

Barbara and New Look Co. loving GILES!

Jump Jump I’ve arrived… Jessie J

And finally……. THE BACK OF KATE MOSS’ HEAD – God what a good Pap I am!

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And mine were aided by free cocktails and Hugo from Made in Chelsea for eyecandy OoooeerrrrrrRrr

“The winner is  (insert long pause)  SARA!!! Now you have to ride a helicopter to T4 On The Beach and style Alexis Jordan”

“WHAT THE…?!?”

Yes that did actually happen, and here’s the proof

Brew time…

Modern day Pinocchio – As each hour goes by, my hair gets taller


Too cool for school

Some serious celeb stalking…

I’m in LOVE with this boys look… GIMME THOSE SHORTS!! Not to mention Chezza hiding out in the corner there. More Jagger and less Swagger in them pins.

Are you sick of looking at my face yet???

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So if you have been hiding under a rock or travelling the himilayas to find a new species of cockroach then first of all ‘what the hell?!?’ and secondly you have missed the extremely fashion concious show…

Jam packed with stylist wannabe’s, retro fashion kings and a weekly dose of Nick Grimshaw it was an instant hit with the bloggers. One might say it was Grimmylicious – yes, I actually did just say that! You could say I am slightly biased though, as it was my mug that was actually on the show… Keeping it real for the Jazzy Jeff fanclub

Big up yaself

If I could relate the experience to anything, I’d like to think of myself as the Harry Potter of the fashion world. Battling my way through challenges with a pair of scissors as my wand, Kat Byrne as my Dumbledore and my scar burning ever so bright. I completely lied about the latter but everyone loves a bit of drama!

The likeness between me and Harry go on and on; our love for the colour ginger, the uncomfortable way we make the audience feels when we kiss a screen partner… oh wait.

Its safe to say that my new boss is no Voldemort though… well….

Baaaaad photo!!

I am now living in the world of New Look, where everything is pretty but the only link I have to wizards is dreaming of flying broomsticks on my sweat inducing tube commute. I’ve only been here 3 weeks and already I’m LOVING it!!

Welcome to London… Welcome to the next chapter. Things just got interesting again!

‘Oh Sara you’re so funny’ ‘Stop it, you are’ ‘No you are’

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Press from ageeeees ago that I forgot to blog……

Silk Organza Bodysuit made by Sara Wilson

Photographer – Seye Iizsik @ LMC Worldwide
Styling – Tokyo James@ LMC Worldwide
Grooming – Kieron Lavine @ LMC Worldwide

Model – Francis @ D1

Check out the full shoot at Idol Magazine

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