LFW SS12 – DAY 5

Day 5 starts off with a bang. A much anticipated Mary Katrantzou gives a colour explosion to the last day of LFW womenswear. With a Sin City like quality Katrantzou’s cinematic prints were more accessible than previous collections. She balances the bridge between her previous work and the industries recent obsession with wearable fashion by using signature bold prints on more traditional garments like shift dresses and asymmetric hems. And I must say, it definitely works for me!









Tailoring flashed in more of English country garden style rather than 70s floral as we saw carnation Brights sauntering down the catwalk – my true fave of all the tailoring this season! From the flower show to ‘all wrapped up’ Katrantzou closed the show with structured dresses good enough to eat. Resembling the enticingly colourful foils of sweetie wrappers I couldn’t help feeling like a rampant lesbian desperate to unwrap my candy treasure.

As the day goes on my twitter feed gets a bashing with stylists and bloggers going crazy for the Meadham Kirchhoff show. A theatrical wonderland of cartoon like madness is something I can never get tired of. Balloon archways paved the way for something that can only be described as a crack induced Baby Jane chilling in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. It was a psychoanalyst’s wet dream with all sorts of deep rooted attitudes towards the female persona. So, the question is does it celebrate showgirls in all their heavily adorned glory or take a sordid look at the desperate outlook of the pageant girl? Either way this was a show not to be missed!

Inbar Spector brought my womenswear ride to an end for London Fashion Week, and what a beautiful show to finish on. Looking at the crowds, I feel like I have just stepped off the plane in the riches of Dubai. Beautiful women oozing wealth took up the front row, keeping the catwalk stigma alive by remaining firmly behind their sunglasses. Spector took the hip hop loving Egyptian from Topshop, stuck her in a frock and balanced her perfectly in a trinket box. Her collection had mad ‘ballerina’s with attitude vibes’ and I loved it! How could you not when you have Jacko closing the show??

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