LFW SS12 – DAY 3

Day 3 and I’m in love; Topshop Unique has stolen my heart and covered it in shiny metal.









It’s a credit to the brand on their effortless transition from high street to catwalk. Sportswear has shown its eager little face all over the catwalks at London and New York; as a candy shop dream at Nicole Fahri and more of a fitness fanatic surgeon at Marios Schwab, with something quite clinical about his perforated fabrics. Unique keeps it real by sticking to sportswear’s urban roots. Jersey tracksuits and jogging bottoms were adorned in graffiti style gold metallics; it was an Egyptian slash hip hop mash up that Jenny from the block would be proud of. Whether you dig their Autumn/Winter spice girl vibe or are more of a 2Unlimited Spring/Summer girl, Topshop Unique are screaming pop culture.

I am fully flying the flag for this nineties resurgence and I’m not the only one. Acne and Unconditional are ready to go all Tori Amos on us too! All the bright new things of the London party scene were out for Unconditional giving the bloggerati a street style orgasm. The fash pack are officially out in full swing. The collection saw virginal lightweight fabrics mixed with androgynous tailoring and warrior style accessories. Not often do you see a show where the mens and womenswear seamlessly go hand in hand, however Philip Stephens’ exceptionally crafted designs seem to flow with ease. Granted hareems and dog collars is nothing we haven’t seen before but colour offered the wow factor to a well established brand. All we need to know now is can we see Pete Burns in acid brights?









The third day of London Fashion Week was definitely one for the confident style queens as we saw Holly Fulton knock the socks off the bold and brash. She takes the tribal teen from the depths of Africa, covers her in poster paint yellows and turquoise then throws her onto the beaches of St Tropez… trip of a lifetime? I think so! The prints from this collection are especially enticing. Zebra stripes and childlike aquarium motifs were presented in an elegant way, confirming that black based or black outlined prints are a major trend this season. I think we’ll see Fulton’s avid followers grow even more with Spring/Summer12, I am certainly a fan!









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