LFW SS12 – DAY 2

Sherbet flavoured bubbles and Emili Sande brought a fun loving close to a rather dull first day. Reliving my youth at the Esprit/ RCA party, I finally made it home covered in poster paint.

Day 2 is graced with a rather worse for wear self, and soya cappuccino is the only thing getting me through the day. Thank god for Clements Ribeiro and their lilac florals! A collection that would make Alice in Wonderland squeal, relaxed femininity was prominent here. Silk elasticated pants and shorts teamed with cotton candy sweaters illustrates our 50s girl now has a busy lifestyle. The comfortable prim and proper silhouette could also be found at Issa. Expect to see Pippa adorned in gelato pineapple and palm tree prints for Spring Summer 12.









If my Twitter feed is anything to go by, Jonathan Saunders is the collection of the season. Seeing as I follow all the fashion greats I think it is safe to say it is a reliable source. Saunders showed us a sinister edge to Madmen’s January Jones, with a wardrobe perfect for a dirty weekend away. The reserved wider shape in citrus tones and the 50’s style prom skirts masked our girl’s improper side. Have no fear though, Saunders coaxed it out of her towards the end with Baroque devore and skirts sheer enough to make even Don Draper blush.

It is not just the housewife showing her naughty side this season, there are Catholic girls desperate to be led astray at Jacob Kimmie. A designer known not to play it safe, Kimmie laid on a technically brilliant collection in tulles and chiffons. The slightly eerie religious undertones gave a stunning elegance to a more risqué fashion. A special mention must be made to his wide leg wool trouser, which is possibly the best update I have seen on the 70s trend so far. This collection is definitely one for the more restrained Gaga lovers as it wrestled between conservative shapes and sheer fabrics.

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