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Kelly Brook radiating out of the crowd…

I bumped into a friendly face, Charlene from STN along the way

Jaime Winstone and Roses Gabor looking fresh in Monotone


Me and the lovely Lara from Closer magazine

Emili Sandes performing at the Espirit party and Dani puckering up… OOoooeeeRrrr

The Zlist studded crown at Vauxhall fashion scout…

– Diana Vickers, Made In Chelsea crew and Zara Martin

Barbara and New Look Co. loving GILES!

Jump Jump I’ve arrived… Jessie J

And finally……. THE BACK OF KATE MOSS’ HEAD – God what a good Pap I am!

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LFW SS12 – DAY 5

Day 5 starts off with a bang. A much anticipated Mary Katrantzou gives a colour explosion to the last day of LFW womenswear. With a Sin City like quality Katrantzou’s cinematic prints were more accessible than previous collections. She balances the bridge between her previous work and the industries recent obsession with wearable fashion by using signature bold prints on more traditional garments like shift dresses and asymmetric hems. And I must say, it definitely works for me!









Tailoring flashed in more of English country garden style rather than 70s floral as we saw carnation Brights sauntering down the catwalk – my true fave of all the tailoring this season! From the flower show to ‘all wrapped up’ Katrantzou closed the show with structured dresses good enough to eat. Resembling the enticingly colourful foils of sweetie wrappers I couldn’t help feeling like a rampant lesbian desperate to unwrap my candy treasure.

As the day goes on my twitter feed gets a bashing with stylists and bloggers going crazy for the Meadham Kirchhoff show. A theatrical wonderland of cartoon like madness is something I can never get tired of. Balloon archways paved the way for something that can only be described as a crack induced Baby Jane chilling in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. It was a psychoanalyst’s wet dream with all sorts of deep rooted attitudes towards the female persona. So, the question is does it celebrate showgirls in all their heavily adorned glory or take a sordid look at the desperate outlook of the pageant girl? Either way this was a show not to be missed!

Inbar Spector brought my womenswear ride to an end for London Fashion Week, and what a beautiful show to finish on. Looking at the crowds, I feel like I have just stepped off the plane in the riches of Dubai. Beautiful women oozing wealth took up the front row, keeping the catwalk stigma alive by remaining firmly behind their sunglasses. Spector took the hip hop loving Egyptian from Topshop, stuck her in a frock and balanced her perfectly in a trinket box. Her collection had mad ‘ballerina’s with attitude vibes’ and I loved it! How could you not when you have Jacko closing the show??

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LFW SS12 – DAY 4

Hilary Alexander is a lover of all things embellished so surely Giles must be one of her faves; even if she did have to sit on the floor! Day 4 saw a show which could easily sit alongside couture rather than ready-to-wear.

Celebrity gems dotted the masses with the likes of Erin O’Connor, Kelly Brook and Jessie J posing for paps. Stephen Jones’ swan head-dresses were enough whip the star studded crowd into a frenzy but rest assured this collection is not about Black Swan. Taking his inspiration from Cecil Beaton, Giles laid on a beautifully crafted collection of dreamlike femininity. White tailoring kick started the show in an elegant but strong manner and this seemed to be the theme throughout. Metallic leather dresses with intricately detailed laser cutting showed that, like the swan, it was extremely elegant but also fierce and savage.

Brocades are something we’ve seen a lot of this season and it was no different at Giles, however, it was great to see them in a light palette of whites and creams. Fitted bodices exploding into full skirts stuck to the trend of the moment, the fabulous fifties. He then took our fifties girl to the seventies in a pussy bow and wet-look shimmer, proving it is ok to blur the edges to make a beautiful collection. There was something for every occasion on the catwalk. Dress it up with ostrich plumes for the attention you so rightly deserve or down with a white tee to get tipsy over a chardonnay. Either way Giles has mastered his customer and given her a wardrobe to be proud of.

Don’t get too comfortable with the grace of this stunning collection. The close of the show saw the more sinister side of the swan poised, waiting to attack. In a switch of palettes from nudes and whites to a harsh black the mood suddenly changed, instilling a dark excitement through us. Round of applause to Miss Katie Grand on this one! In a theatrical display, sheers and extravagant plumes ended the runway on a high. A collection which I am sure will carry on to be talked about for a long time… well until his next one!




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LFW SS12 – DAY 3

Day 3 and I’m in love; Topshop Unique has stolen my heart and covered it in shiny metal.









It’s a credit to the brand on their effortless transition from high street to catwalk. Sportswear has shown its eager little face all over the catwalks at London and New York; as a candy shop dream at Nicole Fahri and more of a fitness fanatic surgeon at Marios Schwab, with something quite clinical about his perforated fabrics. Unique keeps it real by sticking to sportswear’s urban roots. Jersey tracksuits and jogging bottoms were adorned in graffiti style gold metallics; it was an Egyptian slash hip hop mash up that Jenny from the block would be proud of. Whether you dig their Autumn/Winter spice girl vibe or are more of a 2Unlimited Spring/Summer girl, Topshop Unique are screaming pop culture.

I am fully flying the flag for this nineties resurgence and I’m not the only one. Acne and Unconditional are ready to go all Tori Amos on us too! All the bright new things of the London party scene were out for Unconditional giving the bloggerati a street style orgasm. The fash pack are officially out in full swing. The collection saw virginal lightweight fabrics mixed with androgynous tailoring and warrior style accessories. Not often do you see a show where the mens and womenswear seamlessly go hand in hand, however Philip Stephens’ exceptionally crafted designs seem to flow with ease. Granted hareems and dog collars is nothing we haven’t seen before but colour offered the wow factor to a well established brand. All we need to know now is can we see Pete Burns in acid brights?









The third day of London Fashion Week was definitely one for the confident style queens as we saw Holly Fulton knock the socks off the bold and brash. She takes the tribal teen from the depths of Africa, covers her in poster paint yellows and turquoise then throws her onto the beaches of St Tropez… trip of a lifetime? I think so! The prints from this collection are especially enticing. Zebra stripes and childlike aquarium motifs were presented in an elegant way, confirming that black based or black outlined prints are a major trend this season. I think we’ll see Fulton’s avid followers grow even more with Spring/Summer12, I am certainly a fan!









All my reviews can be found online at Disorder

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L O V E this dude!!

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LFW SS12 – DAY 2

Sherbet flavoured bubbles and Emili Sande brought a fun loving close to a rather dull first day. Reliving my youth at the Esprit/ RCA party, I finally made it home covered in poster paint.

Day 2 is graced with a rather worse for wear self, and soya cappuccino is the only thing getting me through the day. Thank god for Clements Ribeiro and their lilac florals! A collection that would make Alice in Wonderland squeal, relaxed femininity was prominent here. Silk elasticated pants and shorts teamed with cotton candy sweaters illustrates our 50s girl now has a busy lifestyle. The comfortable prim and proper silhouette could also be found at Issa. Expect to see Pippa adorned in gelato pineapple and palm tree prints for Spring Summer 12.









If my Twitter feed is anything to go by, Jonathan Saunders is the collection of the season. Seeing as I follow all the fashion greats I think it is safe to say it is a reliable source. Saunders showed us a sinister edge to Madmen’s January Jones, with a wardrobe perfect for a dirty weekend away. The reserved wider shape in citrus tones and the 50’s style prom skirts masked our girl’s improper side. Have no fear though, Saunders coaxed it out of her towards the end with Baroque devore and skirts sheer enough to make even Don Draper blush.

It is not just the housewife showing her naughty side this season, there are Catholic girls desperate to be led astray at Jacob Kimmie. A designer known not to play it safe, Kimmie laid on a technically brilliant collection in tulles and chiffons. The slightly eerie religious undertones gave a stunning elegance to a more risqué fashion. A special mention must be made to his wide leg wool trouser, which is possibly the best update I have seen on the 70s trend so far. This collection is definitely one for the more restrained Gaga lovers as it wrestled between conservative shapes and sheer fabrics.

You can see all of my reviews online at Disorder

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