Clothing Embargo… what does that mean to you??  Surely it means ‘I will not buy any more clothes’, however its just not sinking in.

Last week I told myself NO MORE CLOTHES. After opening my wardrobe doors, I realised that I just have tooooo many. Insane, I know, but I do! For a normal person ‘Female’ and ‘Shopping’ is a natural combination but for me it never was. The shoe shop ‘Qube’ could be enough to send me into a panic attack. Crazy shoppers clambering to get their next piece of tat would immediately inflict me with sweaty palms and irregular breathing. Unfortunately, my mental attitude towards shopping seems to have mellowed and now I spend all of my pennies on vintage clothes that I trick myself into believeing I NEED.

Granted, vintage shopping isn’t quite as bad as being a shopoholic. And I’m sure my Grandma has passed on the ‘can’t refuse a bargain’ gene, so its inevitable. However, I tend to find something I like and then exhaust its wear. resulting in some garments hardly ever being worn. Ridiculous as it is, I have a Whistles dress that I have worn once due to me being too scared to ruin it… honestly, where do I go that warrants me wearing a 100% silk dress?


All this being said.. I lasted approximately 3 days before I stumbled on the vintage area of Nottingham. I just couldn’t resist. Damn you Grandma and your genes!

Now I am convinced I need this Adidas sequin top and these high tops….

Anyone who can tell me where I can find that sequin top wins a bezzie pal for life!!!

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