So, here is how the story goes…..

After the drama of June where all that occupied my mind was needles and bobbins, I found myself thrust into the harsh and somewhat cold realisation of July. I was worse than penniless. It was job time! Too lazy to bother signing on, my saviour came in the form of ahhhaaaaaa….

Topman Blackpool

My first step into the ‘real world’ is as a… Sales Assistant wwwoooooppaaaah! Throwing out the retail shapes to all the fashion loving college kids – ,”whats that I hear you say? You want some of them skinny carrots everyone loves? Why not, come this way!”

I was with the lovely Blackpool team for 3 months before I was sent to help on a store setup in Swansea, where I met beautiful boys…

And crrrazy girls. Here I realised that, actually, these retail giants could offer me more than just a stopgap job. Sooooo 4 weeks later some poor manager let himself in for a treat by hiring ME, as Creative Visual Merchandiser for their store in the City of Oasis loving, shaggy haired, chelsea boot wearing MANCHESTAAAAAAA




My work in pics –

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One thought on “RETAIL RACE TRACK

  1. mat says:

    well when i came in yesterday i have to say that i really did like the store more than arndale. looked proper smart and tidy. keep it up dude, miss you though

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