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500 YRS ON K

Can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve been working on this weekend with NOVA DANDO  and BUBBLES!



Loving this model just now….

Johan @ Premier

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Amazing news (if a little late on the gossip train)… Nathalie Murray wins the Textile Award at GFW, and well deserved it too.

See her beautiful collection here.

Another one of her fans to add to the list is the very respectable Hilary Alexander. With a double page spread on the Northumbria show in the Times, we must of done something right! You can see a sample of what she thought on The Times website


Just a little bit of press from GFW…

Amelia’s Magazine referring to my collection as Japanese martial artists (that did make me smile). Matt Bramford does a very complimentary piece on the Northumbria show.

Ballad Of do a write up on me and Holly Farrar. Thanks Lindsey and Claire!

Deluxx Digital with a 10 page spread on Northumbria fashion. Leanne Johnson wrote the article on me beautifully. I also had the pleasure of speaking to the founder of the mag, Stephen Lee. Everyone should subscribe to this online read – it is the future, trust me!

I should probably tell you I was nominated for the prestigious GOLD award also, however sadly did not make it through to the next round as GFW are a stickler for the rules and would not let 2 people from one establishment through. Well done on Naomi New for making it through to the GALA!!!

And I also want to thank everyone who enjoyed the show. Big smiles have been radiating, and for anyone who know’s me, that is really something!!! 🙂

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Well it has been manic!! This may have been the first time I have stopped since Christmas, however the last few weeks I have been living off adrenalin.
Thought I best give you an update of what I’ve been hiding away doing. So, way back in May I was handed the letter of my life, the letter which would put me out of my misery, am I in am I not? Should I carry on or give up? The only thing I ever wanted out of this course – to show in London at Graduate Fashion week…..and I got in YEY!!! Those of you who were following GFW will already know this so sorry for the reiteration of info.

However this meant that actually I had to make a lot more in the space of 2 weeks. Don’t think I have ever depended on my friends so much in my life. You only required 4 outfits for the Newcastle show, however you needed 6 for the London show. Feedback from the tutors after the show at Baltic told me that my collection was ‘too thin’, and you know what that means….make more!

The night before our show at Earls court 2 saw me still making patterns and sewing up garments (nothing like last minute ey) I probably wouldn’t have my 5th outfit if it wasn’t for a very special Miss Young….well done to her! But like all good showmen I kept the drama going right up until half an hour before the show on sunday, when I was finally finished! Here it is…

Big up to all the models… Freddie, Marko, O’shea, James C, Max, and Johan! Also, well done to Chris and James R on their first London catwalk experience – handled very well 🙂

And a massive thanks to the dressers, tutors and that wardrobe mistress was an absolute diamond!

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