I have literally jumped on the androgynous band wagon and I’m riding it all the way to transgenderville! I’ve had the hair chopped, what’s next?
My menswear collection is a take on feminine menswear, trying to master the thin line that is feminine but still masculine (can it even be achieved…we’ll find out soon)
Feminine menswear seems to be the trend, with the likes of Charles Guslain and Andre J becoming iconic figures of the times. Even the most masculine of magazines are steering down the homo erotic route with their styling. Men now have their make up, man bags and Uggs to replace their lack of oestrogen.

Just a quick post on what I’m obsessed with at the minute, you will definitely hear more about it. Until then I think everyone should have a GRACE JONES DAY! She was just amazing…Get ‘LOVE IS A DRUG’ on and turn it up loud.

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