Monthly Archives: March 2010

SBTRKT in Wonderland

Set with the backdrop of the largest cemetery I have ever seen, Wonderland chose to do their ‘up and coming’ artists shoot in Kensal Green, and this is where my week kicks off. The eerie setting was as if we had literally fallen down the rabbit hole into a new world where we found miniature pubs, religious writings and random film crews. The studios were sat in the middle of the ‘All Souls’ Cemetery, and as if that wasn’t scary enough we brought our own tribal masks!

The lovely Abi was styling the shoot which showcased the cool kids of new music – of course only the most dedicated of Shoreditch trendies would recognise any of their names. I was there courtesy of SBTRKT, the very exciting and anonymous dubstep artist.

Look out for the debut of some new masks! Exhilarating stuff!

Next on the agenda was the Lock Tavern in Camden for a night put on by Hit Club records. ‘Gentle Ian’ was supposed to be enlightening us with some acoustic folk but thankfully we were given an eclectic mix of instruments by the talented 2piece,  La Belle Paix.

In the limited time of 7songs we were treated to guitar, harmonica, symbols, violin, snare and keyboard. No, I know what you are thinking, but no I was not sat in Trafalgar Sq being ambushed by a one-man band and his kick. All these instruments were balanced perfectly by Ian (vocalist, guitar, harmonica) and Malik (everything else!). New to the scene, the set started off a little shakey. However they soon got into the swing of things and turned a tough crowd – even with a few sound guy mishaps!

As if I hadn’t filled my music quota enough by then, I had my first taste of C.T.I the following night. No, not S.T.I – (I can’t imagine that would taste any good), but the Brighton band Cleansing The Industry. If there’s any previous RATM or Chris Cornell lovers out there then you will love these. I only had one problem with these guys and that was the drummer wearing cords – they should of been burned in 1998. Song to look out for – Evil Sinner.

Also keep an eye out for a La Roux shoot I assisted MYLES with for FLAUNT Magazine.