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The first article I ever wrote was all about how much I dislike River Island and their involvement in Graduate Fashion Week.  Like a puppy who’s just tried to hump the visiting aunty, I shy away holding my tail between my legs.

Originally I thought River Island were the force behind commercialising British students and draining them of their creativity. However, since hearing a guest speaker at the University talk about how the prestigious Gold award helped kick start his career, I’ve had to re-think this hatred towards River Island.

James Lawrence, an ex Northumbria student, won the Gold award at Graduate Fashion week in 2006. Along with a trophy, which was dropped within seconds, James had £20,000 lining his pockets…How d’ya like them apples!

I must say this pic does not do him justice! Not only did he gain a few £££’s since then he also became a bit of a hotty.

Anyway, forget that…check out the collection. Niiiiice.

Winning the award meant that his name became attached to a lot of press, and press means job offers in a world obsessed with media.

After a beneficial stint in Hamburg at ‘CLOSED’, and a recreational trip to Dubai, James now works at River Island where he is flourishing within Accessories and Shoes! and wait for it….he loves it! So they can’t be all bad can they? You heard it here first guys, an official apology from SJM!

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