Tim Soar ended the Mens day of LFW at Somerset House, with a joint show with B-store. I volunteered to dress…why you ask? I was asking myself the same question by the end of it. But honestly, I love the buzz of catwalk shows. Sooo much adrenalin just for 90 seconds.

Jodi Barnes was styling the show and it was using the same models as I was talking about in ‘The boys are back in Town’. Jodi wanted wet look t-shirts and I suspected he took great pleasure in spraying the models with cold water. It worked pretty well and I was actually impressed by his creativity. However, it turned out to be carnage backstage, completely chaotic. Cole was throwing a hissy fit at the make up artist, one model was wandering around not knowing where he was supposed to be and I’m sure one missed the line up (screaming him into line when he was still in his whitey whites)

Tim stuck to a running theme that I noticed in Paris of ‘inside out’ and raw edges, he pulled it off well by using transparent fabrics and crinkled metallics. Very elegant menswear.

Tim SoarThe overall show looked great to the crowd and I was thoroughly impressed with the make up of the garments, unfortunately it was my first time dressing that I did not enjoy. Also, since when did menswear shows have girl dressers wearing thigh high boots and sheer bra less vest tops?? Slightly desperate from some of the ladies behind the scenes.

Yet, like some sort of crazy conciliation prize, I did have a much loved Josh Beech comment on my homemade space invader necklace “its really cool”..I know it is!!! 🙂

Oh and respect to the models who thanked their dressers…good crack boys!!

One thought on “SOAR FINALE

  1. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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