The day of the men shows finally arrive and MYLES is unattainable…shocker!!! Luckily Bubbles comes to my rescue with a very luxurious James Long ticket in hand.

The eagerly anticipated James Long show was shown with the RCA 2005 graduate Carolyn Massey but I have a feeling the big names in Menswear were there for a first look at James’ SS10 collection. Just looking at the industry heavy crowd shows anyone that James Long is now classed amongst the greats in menswear.

James LongOpting for a very masculine collection this season, the male figure is celebrated with PVC’s and army influences. Foil metallics and sheer knits layered to give a new twist on a regularly visited subject. Love Love Loved it…It just got better and better.

James Long 2Was surprised to see how many high end models were doing the full day at Somerset House. It was good to see Cole, Jeremy, George and Josh putting in an appearance at London Fashion week, showing us that London is still a force to be reckoned with.

Saw the up and coming model, Luke —————-> hanging about outside inbetween shows. He has the bone structure of an angel!!

Definitely models fit for an ‘Acid Army’!!

Carolyn Massey was next on the bill. Immediately she puts us all in a good mood with the 90’s classic; ‘Good Life’ Inner City. I would be a happy lady if I woke up to that blaring out of industrial speakers every morning.

Massey’s collection hits summer perfectly, forcing me to think about organising a fishing trip of some kind. Backpack hardware was displayed as accessories, which i actually prefered. However, the trouser fit was comprimised and looked terribly uncomfortable…it was because of this, naturally, that I couldn’t stop staring at the crotches of the models!

I NEED one of her square chunky knit hats, tres comfy! Massey_7

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