Waiting in Somerset House for the Fashion East installations, “5 more minutes”…5 mins pass, “5 minutes and we’ll be ready”. It went on like this for a good half an hour, so of course I sit down to rest my little legs…”tickets please”. Typical, the line is now tres long and I have no patience to scrap for my place, I wait.

The wait was well worth it though. As soon as I walk through the door, this is apparent…. Sibling are SIIIIICKKKKKK!!!!!Sibling Skull

I mean, you could stare at this knitwear all day and still be baffled. I first became aware of the duo last season when I was dabbling with technique. These are just on another level to what I’ve seen before, even surpassing the greats like Sandra Backlund and Claire Tough…well, maybe.

Sibling DenimThinking that this was an on trend vintage denim jacket, i was quite unimpressed by how banal it all was, but when I went in for a closer inspection I was shocked to find it was pure knit. I mean can you believe that THIS is knitwear??? It’s close to perfect when you consider a vintage denim jacket. Simply Amazing.

Well after this, everything just seemed tame and quite uninteresting. Fashion East really should of anticipated this and set up Sibling for a finale.

Louise Gray had a single outfit displayed in a new rave stylie. I loved the way it was presented, having connotations of a Aitor Throup portfolio sketch.

Louise GrayThe word ‘BOY’ is weaved onto vertical bits of string…very clever

Husam El Odeh was a very popular vault to be in. With beautiful drawings hung on the wall matched with a collection of ‘found objects’ hung on blue string. My favourite of Husam’s pieces was a beaded eye pieceHusam eye

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