The Vivienne Westwood party held on New Oxford street was everything you would expect from the long running designer… Crazy kids tripping off acid in the corner, a rock anthem dropped in to a well rounded 90’s dance montage, and portaloo’s (very expensive and luxurious, but portaloo’s nonetheless).

Champagne was done away with, of course Viv wouldn’t have something as bennale as bubbles!! We were dosed up on Vodka redbull, which for some reason, makes my eyes hurt.

Among the dj’s asked to cover the event was Nova Dando. Expected to DJ for free, she brought a few friends along (who wouldn’t…all your mates, free alcohol and whatever you want to listen to? sounds good to me) Security weren’t too happy, but are easily overruled by the wave of a hand from the organiser. Not wanting to miss out on some free publicity, Nova brought along ‘House of Dangerkat’ wearing pieces from the ‘Rainbow Collection’. And publicity she got. As soon as the more then energetic Kaiti, Reggie, Ashley and Leah leaped into the building they were smothered in people wanting a picture.

VW Guerilla DJ set

I can safely say House of Dangerkat did themselves proud, throwing out moves all night (they must of lost a stone in sweat!!)

Didn’t see many celebs hanging about as it was the very exclusive Topshop party on the same night…my invite must have been lost with this postal strike 😉 But I did see a few models, and a very tall George Lamb looking rather dashing. That Merriweather character was also in the middle of a crowd of people, but I’m not sure we’d class him as a celeb.

ModelI wish I looked this good in a clingy jumpsuit!!! Guess its back to the slog of a jog in the morning, bad times 😦

All in all it was a good night with some serious dancing going on. Could of done without the droves of fashionista’s donning the staple Vivienne westwood strap boots…I mean come on, its like a band t-shirt at their gig – so desperate!


  1. Steve h says:

    Nice choice of words ur showing plenty of journo swagger, tho I have to say I was a little disapionted when I realised that the after party wasn’t for the big dog himself Tim Westwood. I’m not joking, I actualy thought it was gona be about him! Lol I’m such a simplistic douche!

  2. chris almond says:

    OY! if you’re going to be disparaging about portable toilets at least get the punctuation right. 🙂 (FYI Portaloos not Portaloo’s unless of course they belonged to Portaloo in which case I apologise)

  3. loohire says:

    So Chris, shouldn’t you have used a capital I for If instead of if? It is, after all, following an exclamation mark. Ha Ha!

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