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Tim Soar ended the Mens day of LFW at Somerset House, with a joint show with B-store. I volunteered to dress…why you ask? I was asking myself the same question by the end of it. But honestly, I love the buzz of catwalk shows. Sooo much adrenalin just for 90 seconds.

Jodi Barnes was styling the show and it was using the same models as I was talking about in ‘The boys are back in Town’. Jodi wanted wet look t-shirts and I suspected he took great pleasure in spraying the models with cold water. It worked pretty well and I was actually impressed by his creativity. However, it turned out to be carnage backstage, completely chaotic. Cole was throwing a hissy fit at the make up artist, one model was wandering around not knowing where he was supposed to be and I’m sure one missed the line up (screaming him into line when he was still in his whitey whites)

Tim stuck to a running theme that I noticed in Paris of ‘inside out’ and raw edges, he pulled it off well by using transparent fabrics and crinkled metallics. Very elegant menswear.

Tim SoarThe overall show looked great to the crowd and I was thoroughly impressed with the make up of the garments, unfortunately it was my first time dressing that I did not enjoy. Also, since when did menswear shows have girl dressers wearing thigh high boots and sheer bra less vest tops?? Slightly desperate from some of the ladies behind the scenes.

Yet, like some sort of crazy conciliation prize, I did have a much loved Josh Beech comment on my homemade space invader necklace “its really cool”..I know it is!!! 🙂

Oh and respect to the models who thanked their dressers…good crack boys!!



Waiting in Somerset House for the Fashion East installations, “5 more minutes”…5 mins pass, “5 minutes and we’ll be ready”. It went on like this for a good half an hour, so of course I sit down to rest my little legs…”tickets please”. Typical, the line is now tres long and I have no patience to scrap for my place, I wait.

The wait was well worth it though. As soon as I walk through the door, this is apparent…. Sibling are SIIIIICKKKKKK!!!!!Sibling Skull

I mean, you could stare at this knitwear all day and still be baffled. I first became aware of the duo last season when I was dabbling with technique. These are just on another level to what I’ve seen before, even surpassing the greats like Sandra Backlund and Claire Tough…well, maybe.

Sibling DenimThinking that this was an on trend vintage denim jacket, i was quite unimpressed by how banal it all was, but when I went in for a closer inspection I was shocked to find it was pure knit. I mean can you believe that THIS is knitwear??? It’s close to perfect when you consider a vintage denim jacket. Simply Amazing.

Well after this, everything just seemed tame and quite uninteresting. Fashion East really should of anticipated this and set up Sibling for a finale.

Louise Gray had a single outfit displayed in a new rave stylie. I loved the way it was presented, having connotations of a Aitor Throup portfolio sketch.

Louise GrayThe word ‘BOY’ is weaved onto vertical bits of string…very clever

Husam El Odeh was a very popular vault to be in. With beautiful drawings hung on the wall matched with a collection of ‘found objects’ hung on blue string. My favourite of Husam’s pieces was a beaded eye pieceHusam eye


The day of the men shows finally arrive and MYLES is unattainable…shocker!!! Luckily Bubbles comes to my rescue with a very luxurious James Long ticket in hand.

The eagerly anticipated James Long show was shown with the RCA 2005 graduate Carolyn Massey but I have a feeling the big names in Menswear were there for a first look at James’ SS10 collection. Just looking at the industry heavy crowd shows anyone that James Long is now classed amongst the greats in menswear.

James LongOpting for a very masculine collection this season, the male figure is celebrated with PVC’s and army influences. Foil metallics and sheer knits layered to give a new twist on a regularly visited subject. Love Love Loved it…It just got better and better.

James Long 2Was surprised to see how many high end models were doing the full day at Somerset House. It was good to see Cole, Jeremy, George and Josh putting in an appearance at London Fashion week, showing us that London is still a force to be reckoned with.

Saw the up and coming model, Luke —————-> hanging about outside inbetween shows. He has the bone structure of an angel!!

Definitely models fit for an ‘Acid Army’!!

Carolyn Massey was next on the bill. Immediately she puts us all in a good mood with the 90’s classic; ‘Good Life’ Inner City. I would be a happy lady if I woke up to that blaring out of industrial speakers every morning.

Massey’s collection hits summer perfectly, forcing me to think about organising a fishing trip of some kind. Backpack hardware was displayed as accessories, which i actually prefered. However, the trouser fit was comprimised and looked terribly uncomfortable…it was because of this, naturally, that I couldn’t stop staring at the crotches of the models!

I NEED one of her square chunky knit hats, tres comfy! Massey_7


The Vivienne Westwood party held on New Oxford street was everything you would expect from the long running designer… Crazy kids tripping off acid in the corner, a rock anthem dropped in to a well rounded 90’s dance montage, and portaloo’s (very expensive and luxurious, but portaloo’s nonetheless).

Champagne was done away with, of course Viv wouldn’t have something as bennale as bubbles!! We were dosed up on Vodka redbull, which for some reason, makes my eyes hurt.

Among the dj’s asked to cover the event was Nova Dando. Expected to DJ for free, she brought a few friends along (who wouldn’t…all your mates, free alcohol and whatever you want to listen to? sounds good to me) Security weren’t too happy, but are easily overruled by the wave of a hand from the organiser. Not wanting to miss out on some free publicity, Nova brought along ‘House of Dangerkat’ wearing pieces from the ‘Rainbow Collection’. And publicity she got. As soon as the more then energetic Kaiti, Reggie, Ashley and Leah leaped into the building they were smothered in people wanting a picture.

VW Guerilla DJ set

I can safely say House of Dangerkat did themselves proud, throwing out moves all night (they must of lost a stone in sweat!!)

Didn’t see many celebs hanging about as it was the very exclusive Topshop party on the same night…my invite must have been lost with this postal strike 😉 But I did see a few models, and a very tall George Lamb looking rather dashing. That Merriweather character was also in the middle of a crowd of people, but I’m not sure we’d class him as a celeb.

ModelI wish I looked this good in a clingy jumpsuit!!! Guess its back to the slog of a jog in the morning, bad times 😦

All in all it was a good night with some serious dancing going on. Could of done without the droves of fashionista’s donning the staple Vivienne westwood strap boots…I mean come on, its like a band t-shirt at their gig – so desperate!


A film I found, put together by Esther, from Nova’s show…


Kaiti from House of Dangerkat wearing Nova’s previous collection…. Check out MYLES and JEAN-SEBASTIEN giving it the moves!!! Will update with a vid from the rainbow collection soon.


Back in London for Fashion week and it feels like I’ve never left….

Been helping out Nova for the ultimate show, which happened on friday – and it was amaaazing!!! House of Dangerkat (the brainchild of Kaiti) flew over from Canada to model the clothes. I love it that Nova opted for a much more exciting dance than the routine catwalk. Really showed off her party personality.

Performing their awesome ‘opulence’ routine wearing Lycra and feathers pulled from Nova’s love of rainbows, they have definitely landed me as a new hardcore fan.

Rainbow collection


I wonder if Ashley would mind me kidnapping her and taking her back to Newcastle with me……


La RouxLa Roux also graced us with a short set, with her and the band donning Nova pieces from the rainbow collection.

Drummer Love Love Love this guy!!! 🙂

Followed by an epic film by Saam. Really good night! I think this collection really pulls together everything Nova has been working on in the last year, a very fitting finale to her creative residency at the Hospital club.

Look out for footage on the VICE website.