Day 2 @ GFW and its my first day without my fellow 3rd year Northumbrians keeping me company. My networking skills were up for a workout but, thankfully the charming Elizabeth from NOTJUSTALABEL came to join me, saving me from the awkwardness of ‘small talk’.

The day had an amazing start with one of my favourite shows from the whole week; Nottingham Trent. I particularly enjoyed their knitwear. Although UV lighting within the knit started out a shocker it did lose its touch on the second collection. Then to find out there was a 3rd led me to believe this creative action may have been steered by a one trick tutor. Still, nonetheless it was very clever. Francesca Samm

Francesca Samm has an element of robotics in her collection, I instantly thought ‘motherboard’ when I first saw it, this was enhanced by the UV threads – shame doesn’t have any pics of this…you just can’t get the staff these days!!

Ana Belen Morono

This explosion from Ana Belen Merono reminds me of Christopher Kanes controversial atomic bomb dresses (as seen on Thankfully I saw it here first at GFW… Although I do get the feeling her collection has nothing to do with atomic bombs, Ana does it soooo much better!

The middle of the day ended up being be a bit of a washout, thank god I didn’t listen to my Grandma when UCAS time came around.

Just when I was feeling like Simon Cowell after a week of BGT auditions there came a light, and it was in the form of Vita Woods from Birmingham City

Vita Woods

Impressive cutting and clever detailing makes this androgynous collection still very feminine.

I don’t think I can get away without mentioning Westminster. The class of 2009 showed diversity with an array of different angles and concepts.Danielle Read

Although Danielle Read’s garments weren’t to my taste, she made up for it in concept. These structured leg pieces looked fantastic walking down the catwalk, like something out of Transformers, I was awe-struck.

Sarah Benning

I tell ya.. these models have really stocked up on protein shakes!! Sarah Bennings prints are divine. Such a simple concept is done brilliantly due to her choice of fabrics and attention to detail. Wish my primary school swimming cap was more like this, rather than the fetching pink lame number 🙂

And finally…I best end on a menswear collection. There has been some amazing men’s collections from day2 including Jason Mui from Nottingham Trent.  Westminster’s, Seren Colleys men’s knit was also a highlight for me. The oversizing and funky pattern gave an exciting edge to the popular ski jumper.

Seren Colley

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  1. Hi is Ana B Merono, the designer from Nottingham Trent. First, thanks for the comment.
    Just to say that I really loved Christopher Kanes atomic prints, but mine is from an image of a nebulae (a beautifull interstelar born of a star) from NASA. 😉

  2. sjmwilson says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Ana, I thought it must of had something to do with the stars…amazing images!

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