The lights of London town are dazzling..I’m so happy to be back! Train nightmare, nearly didn’t make it. 2 hours sat at Milton Keynes station, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

So I make it to the Middlesex show with seconds to spare, case in hand and severely harassed. I was happy to be directed to my second row seat, it was very busy so standing would have topped off the harassment! Great start to the show with Elena Picone kicking off with floral menswear. She handled the challenge well, and delivered feminine fabrics and colours in such a masculine way. A couple of hunchbacked models added a hip hop feel which was a shame…but you can’t have it all!
Elena Picone
The Womenswear out weighed the mens with 3 out of 21 being Menswear. So there were some great womens collections, my favourites being Mark McKee with his headwear adding edge to his collection, Aislinn O’Connell and their well balanced SS collection – great colour story, and Calliste Yeboah with their sporty formal collection and reflective trims.

I’m working on Hareem trousers for LeRoux to wear at Glastonbury so look out for them!

Flocked to Fabric last night for the debut of SBTRKT.. and it was Epic!! Disguised behind a tribal mask that would send any hardcore clubbers tripping, SBTRKT delivered a set for the dancers! I preferred his live set (including a young vocalist) to the DJing but it was all brilliant forcing me to give it the moves 🙂 . Check them out on XL Records – NO COMMERCIAL BANDWAGON JUMPERS ALLOWED!!!

GFW starts tomorrow and I’ll be there…How exciting!


  1. JohnC says:

    I dont have a clue what any of this means….but I love it! lol

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