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I have just seen him wandering the streets of Paris….




My first article….
Looking at our graduate shows. Have a look and let me know what you think :)….

In the blue corner, we have the Independent graduate show. Five big wins this year with strong candidates like Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. And in the red corner, we have Graduate Fashion Week, with an 18 year career and a major sponsor in the high street retailer, River Island.
With our British universities pumping out more than a thousand talented graduates every year into our ever expanding industry, it’s important for students to gain exposure during their 15 minutes of fame. A daunting question for every fashion university is “if you can’t beat them do you join them?” READ MORE


This music video is amaaaaaazing!!

Directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan….would love to work with them one day.

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Day 2 @ GFW and its my first day without my fellow 3rd year Northumbrians keeping me company. My networking skills were up for a workout but, thankfully the charming Elizabeth from NOTJUSTALABEL came to join me, saving me from the awkwardness of ‘small talk’.

The day had an amazing start with one of my favourite shows from the whole week; Nottingham Trent. I particularly enjoyed their knitwear. Although UV lighting within the knit started out a shocker it did lose its touch on the second collection. Then to find out there was a 3rd led me to believe this creative action may have been steered by a one trick tutor. Still, nonetheless it was very clever. Francesca Samm

Francesca Samm has an element of robotics in her collection, I instantly thought ‘motherboard’ when I first saw it, this was enhanced by the UV threads – shame doesn’t have any pics of this…you just can’t get the staff these days!!

Ana Belen Morono

This explosion from Ana Belen Merono reminds me of Christopher Kanes controversial atomic bomb dresses (as seen on Thankfully I saw it here first at GFW… Although I do get the feeling her collection has nothing to do with atomic bombs, Ana does it soooo much better!

The middle of the day ended up being be a bit of a washout, thank god I didn’t listen to my Grandma when UCAS time came around.

Just when I was feeling like Simon Cowell after a week of BGT auditions there came a light, and it was in the form of Vita Woods from Birmingham City

Vita Woods

Impressive cutting and clever detailing makes this androgynous collection still very feminine.

I don’t think I can get away without mentioning Westminster. The class of 2009 showed diversity with an array of different angles and concepts.Danielle Read

Although Danielle Read’s garments weren’t to my taste, she made up for it in concept. These structured leg pieces looked fantastic walking down the catwalk, like something out of Transformers, I was awe-struck.

Sarah Benning

I tell ya.. these models have really stocked up on protein shakes!! Sarah Bennings prints are divine. Such a simple concept is done brilliantly due to her choice of fabrics and attention to detail. Wish my primary school swimming cap was more like this, rather than the fetching pink lame number 🙂

And finally…I best end on a menswear collection. There has been some amazing men’s collections from day2 including Jason Mui from Nottingham TrentWestminster’s, Seren Colleys men’s knit was also a highlight for me. The oversizing and funky pattern gave an exciting edge to the popular ski jumper.

Seren Colley

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New Video from The Gossip. Styling by NOVA. I worked on this back at Easter, Well happy with the finished product.

Especially loving the Mawi jewellery


Its been Graduate Fashion Week here in London and its spilling out of Earls court. It’s so surreal to see all of these fashion followers in the random setting of posh suburbia…I LOVE it! Susie Bubble has put me to shame with her on the spot blogging, I’m almost a week late with my posts!!

My first day scouting for began with the embarrassing ordeal of not being allowed in the event, my Uni lets me down once again. Till the lovely Stefan came to my rescue with a shiny Press pass, YEY for free champagne!! 🙂

First day at GFW looks a promising one with the likes of Kingston, Edinburgh and Northumbria on the bill. Its also the day of the long awaited Bournemouth show. I’ve been dying to see Harald’s collection after his success at Festival D’Hyeres…and I must say, it was well worth the wait! Big furs seem to be a trend this year but Harald’s is a winner for me,  and THAT cork fabric enticed an ooh out of all who were close enough to realise

Harald HelgesenKingston boasted an impressive show, with 24 students packing at least 8 outfits in each!! You can tell GFW was happy to see Kingston returning from a spat of independent showing. Although there were some awesome collections, the whole show was let down by technical problems and bad production. To fit in with the allotted time structure some collections suffered, and had all the models walking down the catwalk together, My notes at these points turned out to be pointless scribbling.

AkousaI can’t say I have a particular favourite from Kingston but I love this piece from Akosua Afriyie-Kumi’s collection. Her seaming is exquisite and the colours  remind me of a 70’s living room, for all the right reasons!!

Grace Melville

And, well lets face it, what kind of ‘Planet Earth‘ nut wouldn’t like this jumper dress?   Grace Melville really hit my ‘Sunday afternoon watching gorilla’s groom each other’ spot with this one!

Northumbria was a show I was anticipating and it really did deliver. I had been helping out with the 4th years for the past few months so have been in the midst of the graduate show buzz. To see it from a press point of view was very unsettling. I was torn; on the one hand it all looked quite commercial and high end sellable, on the other – I knew how well made some of the collections are and the brilliance of their detailing.

Alison Winstanley

My favourite for its wear ability has to be Alison Winstanley’s…

I’ve loved her collection ever since I saw the beginnings of it at the brochure photo shoot. It just looks so comfortable and lovely to wear, without compromising on the feminine. Her colours and fabrics were well picked to compliment the silhouette.

Charlotte Levy

Another one I’ve been shouting about to anyone who will listen. I first noticed this jacket in its toilling stage and it had me questioning what it was for weeks. It wasn’t till I saw it in this state, complete with fetching eyelashes that i realised….I have two words for this jacket – ‘MUST HAVE’

I love how well this collection reflects the designer, You take one look at Charlotte Levy and know instantly she’s behind this cartoon style glamour 😉


Disguise of SBTRKT!

Disguise of SBTRKT!



My first music video, YEY!! I assisted the stylist, MYLES. Ever since I have been having creepy dreams about the band…soooo not cool!


The lights of London town are dazzling..I’m so happy to be back! Train nightmare, nearly didn’t make it. 2 hours sat at Milton Keynes station, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

So I make it to the Middlesex show with seconds to spare, case in hand and severely harassed. I was happy to be directed to my second row seat, it was very busy so standing would have topped off the harassment! Great start to the show with Elena Picone kicking off with floral menswear. She handled the challenge well, and delivered feminine fabrics and colours in such a masculine way. A couple of hunchbacked models added a hip hop feel which was a shame…but you can’t have it all!
Elena Picone
The Womenswear out weighed the mens with 3 out of 21 being Menswear. So there were some great womens collections, my favourites being Mark McKee with his headwear adding edge to his collection, Aislinn O’Connell and their well balanced SS collection – great colour story, and Calliste Yeboah with their sporty formal collection and reflective trims.

I’m working on Hareem trousers for LeRoux to wear at Glastonbury so look out for them!

Flocked to Fabric last night for the debut of SBTRKT.. and it was Epic!! Disguised behind a tribal mask that would send any hardcore clubbers tripping, SBTRKT delivered a set for the dancers! I preferred his live set (including a young vocalist) to the DJing but it was all brilliant forcing me to give it the moves 🙂 . Check them out on XL Records – NO COMMERCIAL BANDWAGON JUMPERS ALLOWED!!!

GFW starts tomorrow and I’ll be there…How exciting!