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Ask anyone and they will tell you I hate gigs that don’t involve a mosh pit with some sweaty, skinny, indie boy rubbing up friction burns on my arms….but Girls Aloud had me dancing and screaming like a 12 year old!!
Their costumes were something to be marvelled at, which topped off a brilliant stage show. Maybe their singing didn’t compare to a gospel Beyonce but who cares when the gay man in you is dancing like your on a flashing dancefloor!

Girls Aloud



Second of the two adverts I worked on for Vodafone. Unfortunately my Uni timetable demanded me back in Newcastle when it was being filmed so I missed out being on set, but I worked on the styling with Myles!!

The girl is my favourite lip sync out of all of them…and she’s only 14 – Nice work!!!


Not updated in a while…been crazy busy with Uni!! This coat is becoming a tumour that I need to cut out!!

Been helping out a lot with the graduates, dressing for the catwalk brochure and their final reviews. I’ve really enjoyed that side of things, LOVE the pace of it all! Will update pics soon 🙂

Doing all this dressing for the graduates means I get to see the final line ups….and they are looking sweeeeeet! Menswear is very formal this year; really loving Kayleigh Dunn’s collection, it stood out with a modern twist on smart casual and for women’s there are some fantastic eye catchers. If you manage to see the show (London 7th June/ Newcastle 25th June) then look out for the subtle profiles in a pink jacket – that has to be my favourite piece… also loving Jenny’s collection inspired by birds.

Check it out


Okay so I’ve been getting some negative feedback on a coat I’m currently working on.  Its going to be made in a wadded nylon and is mostly smocked (to make diamonds) the unsmocked parts are quilted.

Now, as you can imagine, there is soooooo much work involved just for one knee length coat!!! With me getting negative feedback off it, I want to know what you think…should I finish it and prove them all wrong or just put it down to experience and start a fresh???

sketches coat2


Nick from Academy films directed the advert with Giovanni Muscat as the main boy.
I assisted the stylist Nova on this advert.

Such a shame its so short…there was a lot of good shots that were edited out. It was quite an experience working to the demands of a corporate business.

Look out for the next one!!


Well back at Uni has been dramatic as usual!! All this talk of womenswear getting an extension but not menswear…because their tutor is abroad. Even though our tutor is completely incompetent!!!

Well  I sort this one out (with no back up from the other students) and get started on pleating my fabric….complete nightmare!!! My fabric won’t take to my £60 fusable wadding… I’m feeling rather less confident about the whole thing.

On the subject of smocking, I am loving Michelle Lowe Holders new collection, she’s really pulled it together with this one. Really glad I had chance to catch up with her last week for the latest Cleveland Works gossip!

Started helping my 4th year this week and it turns out he has none of his collection made up – We have 1 week to make 4 outfits…I mean how is he sleeping at nights? We’ll see on the 13th (final year deadline).

Amaaazing news…My friend Harald Lunde Helgesen won the Swarovski prize in the Festival D’hyeres! Fifteen thousand euro’s to kick start his own label. If anyone is wanting to do their own label after Uni then I really recommend they enter this competition. Its judged by the likes of Kris van Assche , Nan Goldin…and previous winners include .. Viktor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich, Anke Loh, Alexandre Matthieu,  Ute Ploier,  Henrik Vibskov,  Romain Kremer…more recently, the exciting knitwear designer, Sandra Backlund.

Anyway check out the site and get entering for 2010


He is just a league above anything here in Newcastle….also, check out Marite Mastina et Rolands Peterkops


Latvians finest, Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops won both the Festival’s Grand Jury Prize and the 1.2.3 award for their collection “Private detective,” …The wigs were very Charlie Le Mindu esque!