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Last day on the placement and I’m sooo gutted!! Its been a brilliant placement and I wish I was carrying on my career from here, but I do need to get a degree, and I’m a little bit excited about doing my collection.

Things have slowed down a lot this week, the Grazia/ Le Roux shoot was canceled and the 2nd Vodafone ad I’ve been working on is having some casting problems. So I’m having a chilled end to my easter holidays.

Just checking out Georgia Hardinge’s collection before hitting the pub…I really like it, it links in with mine with the use of old school structural textiles – NICE

Anyway bring on Men’s fashion week, I hope I get to go…I am sooo psyched for it now!

Peace out




Ahhh I’ve had a wicked week. Was working all weekend but definately worth it!!

I was assisting on my 1st music video last sunday…for a band called the Flash guns! Typical young band really, about 18/19 yrs old… Lead singer loves himself – obviously had too many bigwigs up his arse to get money out of them. I had the pleasure of witnessing this with another young band last week and it was sick! You just saw these young lads getting drawn into the excitement of it all with a middle aged woman offering them the world!

Marcus Sharp was directing with Sascha Zakrzewski on hair and make up. Anyway the video was cool and the director was really good, glad I got to work with him!! His girlfriend does some amazing jewellery – check out Hannah-Martin jewellery.

So my boss has flown out to LA now with some sick as YSL cage shoes and loads of gold sparkly bits for Beth. Last week I went to the Freedom press office and they just gave me a bag and let me fill it – I had so much jewellery in there, it was brilliant. I felt like I was shoplifting haha. Anyway I had to go to Topshop a bit later on and I just totally forgot about the Jewellery.. I bought some tights and as I was leaving all the security started beeping, I was bricking it cos if they had searched my bag they would have just thought I had rinsed the jewellery section…thank god the security guard couldn’t be bothered – would not liked to have tried to explain that one! Ha ha 😮

Well its my last week on this placement and with Myles taking over the show, I have now moved up to assistant which is brilliant news for me. Its been like a crash course in styling..I’ve loved it – don’t want it to end!

I’m off shopping again today for another Vodafone ad…below are some photo’s from the video on sunday…

SJM xxx

...some of the bandAction shotI was assisting Myles on this VideoSascha Zakrzewski on make upCamera...ActionStarch starch starch....and starch again!


If you haven’t already, you absolutely must check out Hussein Chayalans exhibition in London Bridge…. It constantly makes you ask ‘How did he do that?’ The collection that was based on aeroplanes, where the models just stood there and the clothes moved by itself = WOW. 😮

I wasn’t in work till wednesday this week due to LA phonecalls, when I get in I’m greeted with the excellent news that my boss has bagged a job styling on The Gossips new video – in LA. So this week I am going around the press offices to pick things out for the band and making the dress for Beth. I’m quite nervous in case I pick out utterly rubbish stuff, a big responsibility as she’s flying out sunday so not much time to change if i get it wrong.

Bring on the challenge…and hopefully I’ll make some contacts along the way 🙂


O.M.G what an awesome week…I’ve been working on a Vodafone advert, Shoulder pads for Vogue Russia and a stage dress for Cocknbull kid..its been amazing!

And what a brilliant end to my 1st week, went to the Peaches gig and Royal festival hall, the costumes there were so inspiring (Loved Charlie’s wigs) I think I’ve found my calling…just need to get my bro in the music circuit and then it would be perrrrfect!

Working backstage was my favourite thing to do. It’s like dressing for a fashion show, I buzz off the pressure…. bring on Fashion week!

Below is the costume we were sewing Anita, from Cocknbull kid, into just moments before she was on stage!




1st day on the job…Returns!!

Everyone says returns are the worst thing about styling but I actually like them – does that make me strange? I find them satisfying, like clearing out a cluttered cupboard…and you get to meet loads of people!

Networking has got to be my favourite thing about the fashion industry, I love meeting new people.

After I’d done my returns I headed to Academy studio’s to sit in on a fitting for a vodafone advert. A little tense but so much fun.  I learnt loads about communication and lack of haha.

So the next day I was off out sourcing stuff to make this guy look more emo…PIERCINGS!!! Someone actually gave me money to go out and look at body jewellery – Loved it! and Bra’s for cocknbull kid – she’s gonna look mint!



I guess I should tell you a bit about myself and why I am doing this blog…

I am a fashion student at Northumbria specializing in Menswear. I graduate in 2010 and have just come back to Uni after a placement year.  Because I loved doing placements so much, I am doing another one during my easter holidays. So this blog is for anyone interested in doing fashion at uni/ worried about doing a placement/ or just fancy passing some time (facebook can get so boring after watching it for 3 hrs)

So this is my 7th placement to date and its with Nova Dando…she’s pretty much a jack of trades in fashion – womenswear line/ styling/ music videos/ adverts etc…. Awesome!

So if you are thinking of doing a placement…..DO IT!